Maintenance of air conditioning systems

We offer specialized maintenance of air conditioning systems in Alberobello.
A lack of maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioning ducts can seriously compromise the quality of the air inside the houses and offices, facilitating the increase in respiratory diseases.
Indeed, there are many health risks associated with the lack of accurate and precautionary recovery of these plants.
The dangers of indoor air contamination resulting from the lack of hygiene of a hypothetical air system can give rise to:
• Chemical contamination: caused by the accumulation of harmful contaminating particles as coming from the outside through the air intake that sucks in the outside air and from the inside through the recirculation system.
Microbiological contamination: caused by animal (bacteria and viruses) and vegetable (molds) microorganisms, which proliferate inside the ducts and / or air treatment units.

Therefore, periodic monitoring, in addition to giving positive effects on health, prolongs the life of the plant itself, also allowing significant energy savings.
During the summer, but also in the winter, a failure of this type could cause serious inconvenience to the end user as regards the heating function of modern heat pump machines.
Our technicians are able to repair any type of air conditioner or air treatment system using original spare parts.
Finally, we want to give you some advice. Careful management of your system will improve its efficiency and also allow you to obtain significant economic benefits: open the window for the exchange of air, inside the rooms try to always maintain a temperature not exceeding twenty degrees Celsius; do not cover plants with heavy furniture or curtains; regularly push the air from the systems to get the most out of their efficiency and position the furniture a few centimeters from the perimeter walls.