Authorized technical assistance

We are specialized to ensure guaranteed interventions of authorized technical assistance in Alberobello.
Thanks to the experience and skills acquired over the years by our technical staff, we are able to perform quality work for skill and speed.
We are at the side of our customers during all phases, from the definition of the most appropriate solution, to assistance during assembly up to warranty interventions for any anomalies and adjustments.
Strengthened by the training received, in fact, our technicians are aware of every single element of our systems, which is essential to advise and assist our client quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our company also specializes in the remediation and sanitation of air conditioning systems, for which it provides qualified assistance.
Our technicians will also intervene at home for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, guaranteeing technical assistance on residential and industrial systems, also carrying out cleaning of the pipes and refilling of refrigerants. The current regulations on this matter require, in fact, scrupulous attention to the containment of the dispersion of refrigerant fluids into the atmosphere.
The pursuit of this objective requires periodic maintenance and control of the systems as well as the adoption of particular cautions in handling the gases during the charging and recovery phases.
In the event of a plant shutdown, it is essential to have one of our specialized technicians intervene to ensure correct operation.
The main problems that trigger the malfunction of the systems can be, in fact, the safety block, the exhaust gases, the clogging of the duct and the limescale deposits.