Alberobello Original Spare parts


The original spare parts offered by Satic are the best produced by leading companies specialized in the production of cooling systems such as Carrier, Toshiba, Clivet, Toyota, Hisense, Fuji, Maxa, Immergas.
Thanks to our wide assortment of spare parts, we can assist and maintain most types of plant installed in any type of property such as homes, shops, offices and industries.
Even in this specific field, we always try to use latest technologies designed to ensure safety and efficiency for our users and specialized industry workers.
Each item, before being placed on the market has overtook the strict controls and tests required by the standards in force in full compliance with European regulations, guaranteeing end-user quality and durability over the years.
Choosing spare parts is important not only for proper operation of the system but also for maintaining the device warranty.
Remember: Original spare parts guarantee reliability, functionality and savings.
An original technical element, compared to a low quality spare part, guarantees duration and lower costs.
Ricambi originali Alberobello
So, the perfect compatibility guarantees greater efficiency of the installed system. The original spare parts are synonymous with guarantee, which means ensuring the constant working of the system over the years with fewer failures or continuous calibrations.
Trust in Satic is a guarantee for plants maintenance, inspection and repair. For information, visit our contact section or the online shop for bookings and purchases.